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Outdoor or out-of-home advertising refers to any type of advertising that consumers are exposed to outside of their homes and offline.

Outdoor Advertising in Iran and its Various Media

Outdoor or out-of-home advertising refers to any type of advertising that consumers are exposed to outside of their homes and offline.

In the modern world of technology, businesses can now exercise a level of creativity in their outdoor advertising, which seemed impossible a few years ago. There are numerous types of Out Of Home (OOH) media available than ever before. In the modern commercial landscape, smart marketing agencies are only limited by budget, imagination, and awareness of the tools available.

Understanding the various advertising channels in Iran and their purposes and the context in which they are more effective is crucial to ensuring the success of any OOH campaign. With all this in mind, if you are curious about outdoor advertising in Iran and its various media, Zigma8 brought you an interesting post.

Types of Outdoor Advertising in Iran

Considering traditional and modern types of outdoor advertising available in Iran, making the right choice as a new business in the local market requires some insider knowledge. Here are some of the most valuable types of outdoor advertising in Iran.

1. Advertising Billboards in Iran

Billboards in Iran are one the most recognizable mediums of OOH advertising. These are large posters positioned in the public eye. Billboards are available in all kinds of sizes and can be positioned in various places like roadsides, bridges, independent stands, stadiums, city centers, and shopping centers. Billboards come in a variety of formats, including

  • Static billboards are seen on the roadside.
  • Mobile billboards are transported on the back of a vehicle.
  • Digital billboards are LED screens allowing digital animated ads to be displayed. 

Billboards in Iran can be used in an integrated advertising campaign as they have a bold and recognizable format. Therefore they are suitable for campaigns with bold and strong but simple messages. They can help brands raise awareness and voice.

2. Point of Sale Material (POSM) in Iran

Generally speaking, outdoor advertising in Iran is intended to attract the attention of a wide range of people, but the point of sale marketing/materials (POSM) can be a little more specific. In this type of OOH advertising in Iran, a display is positioned at a point of sale like checkout sections in hypermarkets with the goal of promoting a product to consumers right as they are about to make a purchase. Point of sale advertising contains:

  • Adverts above containers, including a simple poster or aid located above a basket or other container full of the promoted products.
  • Branded stands are printed displays with various materials like cardboard or perspex.

The main purpose of this type of outdoor advertising in Iran is that when people are about to make a purchase, they are more open to suggestions of adding another product to their basket. Point of sale can be a good option for brands or marketers promoting a discounted, limited or special edition product.

3. Retail Advertising in Iran

Another immensely popular form of OOH in Iran is retail advertising which takes place in or around retail locations like stores and shopping centers. Retail advertising entices customers at a glance or provides them with a large-scale brand display. Retail advertising can come in different forms:

  • Lift Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Full Mall media

The main purpose of this type of OOH advertising in Iran is to convince customers to visit a store or purchase a product that is close to where they saw the ad. They can increase brand awareness, foot traffic, and sales.

4. Vehicle Advertising in Iran

Vehicle advertising in Iran can be a great option as it is not limited to a specific location. They present an on-the-go advertisement in various forms, including printed graphics on vehicles’ sides. It is an effective type of OOH in Iran due to its increased exposure. These vehicles are constantly on the move, so the ad will reach people in a much wider catchment area and reinforce the presence of a business in the eyes of consumers. You can see vehicles ads on:

  • Bus
  • Trains
  • Taxis

Vehicle advertisement intends to increase brand awareness as a part of integrated campaigns and maintain a positive brand image.

5. Construction

No matter where you are, there will be plenty of construction sites in operation in Iran at any given moment. This offers a unique opportunity for outdoor advertising in Iran. Construction displays can feature a preview of an in-progress project or a promotion of the companies involved with the work. This type of OOH ad includes:

  • Hoarding graphics
  • Scaffold wraps
  • Building wraps

These forms of outdoor advertising in Iran are often used to promote a specific project, like what the construction project is actually for, what contracting firms are involved in, or how the finishing look would be.

6. Lamp Posts in Iran

Besides digital billboards, lamp posts are mostly meant for nighttime. Lamp posts are giant banners forcing people to pay attention to them by shining light directly onto the ad, which makes it unavoidable. They can be the most impressive point of attraction for new prospects for a new business in the market.

Well, that was all about outdoor advertising in Iran and its various mediums. Note that different outdoor advertising strategies can have unique impacts on different businesses. They empower a brand to use creativity to target more and more prospects and enjoy better lead generation and conversion, especially while entering a new local market in Iran. Have you ever tried the OOH advertising techniques for optimizing your brand’s presence in Iran?

If you need Outdoor Advertising in Iran, we got you. Contact us, and Zigma8 will make you the most engaging outdoor advertising designs. We can give you the perfect results while saving you time and money in a new competitive market.

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