How we repackaged printing and packaging production in Iran

Marketing communications strategy for a print production association

Communication Challenge:

The background of printing and packaging in Iran

The Iran Printers Industry Exporters Union contacted our CCO, Mir Damoon Mir, to help provide consultancy with developing their operations. He occasionally uses the print services provided by union members, and with each occasion, he receives compliments on the quality print results from designs. The IPIEU initially sought consultancy to help with this issue because Zigma8 were one of few agencies that could get such quality results. The union understood the relatively high quality of print production from Iran for the region but saw a weakness in its ability to design for print.

Change Official Name

Old Logo

The union is well established in the region and aims to represent the industry at annual trade fairs outside Iran. At these fairs, the IPIEU proudly displays the print production capabilities of Iran. These abilities are a result of its long publishing history. This publishing industry has reached such a size that the IPIEU are not alone in representing the industry. Other associations exist alongside them—a few of which beat the union in size—but the IPIEU prefer to represent a more select membership.

During that initial consultation meeting with Mir Damoon Mir, it quickly became apparent that the union itself would need to improve their design before looking to help others. He proposed that Zigma8 initially help solve this challenge by rebranding and renaming the IPIEU. In doing so, the union would better suit its role.

New Acronym

Logo Type Design


Final Logo

Communication Solution:

Developing a strong marketing strategy

The IPIEU have a long history in which the term union may have once better represented them. In this day and age, such a term suggests the representation of workers. The first solution provided by Zigma8 would be to update the name and address this. We chose to replace the word Union with Association and add the category title of Packaging. Adding this extra category would better describe the membership that throughout the years has expanded in production capabilities. The result of these changes meant that the association would now be known as the IPPIEA.

Designing a world-class logo and identity for an Iranian association

Having decided on the name IPPIEA, we developed a new logo to reflect these changes. We selected a modern typeface and added some subtle yet meaningful twists. One such example was how we used the last to characters of the abbreviation. We used a more generic shape for the ‘E’ and ‘A’, choosing to use the lowercase versions and inverting them. The result would represent the printing press roles that feedback paper into one another.

Alongside the logo, we created a graphical element. This element relates to the printing technique known as a halftone. These dots were coloured using the colours from the Iranian national flag and presented in a globe-like way to express the international aspect of the IPPIEA.
The brand identity design would then borrow from the logo style and shapes represented in the production methods of the members. We used green and red circular shapes in patterns on the updated stationery design. We didn’t stop there, however. We also added the brand identity to other touchpoints, such as membership certification.

Redesigning Logo, Logotype, and Brand Identity for the IPPIEA

Communication Result:

World-class print and production for a print production association

Our communication results were a brand redesign, but our work with the IPPIEA was more than this. We created an essential industry update that precisely answered the first steps needed to improve the quality between design and production. Our strategy would afford the association with the necessary tone from which to approach its member. With its new name, and look, the IPPIEA can now begin its work in better serving its member.

Letter Head


Implementing the Brand Redesign in Iran

Business Card