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Road shows that get results

For private companies, a road show is an important opportunity to go public and offer investors a chance to buy securities in the firm. Also, know as “dog and pony shows”, road shows can be simply summed up as a marketing tool to attract investors. A company might choose to launch one of more brands or extend their existing brands during such an event so as to strategically build brand value and image, and in turn, build that company’s reputation. For those companies with new or upcoming brands, road shows can serve as an opportunity to begin sharing their brand story, indicate where the brand brings added value and present its intentions.

Although Iran is the second-largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa, globally Iran is increasingly being considered the next big market. The World Bank itself forecasts up to 4.6% GDP growth in Iran in 2016 and 2017 respectively*. With all the buzz following the lifting of international sanctions, it’s clear to see that now is the time to take your company’s message on a road show. To do this you’ll need a top event management company and certainly one that knows how to put on nothing but the best road shows in Iran.

Event managing is of course not easy, and at Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications, our dedicated team – Zigma8 Events Management – never underestimates the importance of a half-day event like a road show. As a team we work together to ensure we put on top road shows in Iran, ensuring that we are one of the top event management companies in Iran, not just Tehran. We understand the importance of bringing customers, prospects, and partners together for thought leadership, product demonstrations, and networking.

The Zigma8 Events Management team work seamlessly with Zigma8’s Creative Solutions team in bringing the right balance between presenting essential business-related information alongside enticing brand engagement. Together we join with you in ensuring that analysts and investors are able to find facts and figures to help make informed decisions and do so in a creative and memorable ways. Summed up, we set the stage for both you and your brand to shine – making sure to maximize engagement while minimizing delivery time.

Not only do our experience teams understand the importance of condensing information and engagement into one place in one short time, we know that road shows can often be just that; a show that goes on the road to multiple locations. To repeat the same experience in multiple locations you’ll not only need a team with strong logistics ability and exceptional production abilities, you’ll need a team with greater knowledge of a greater amount of localities. This is where Zigma8’s Events Management team shine. The hard earned knowledge gained throughout the years of helping clients manage events in Iran has resulted in us being about to offer a world-class event at a locally competitive prices. We know where to go, when to go and have developed strong relationships to be able to negotiate great deals, making it all add up to a road show event that gets you the results you desire.

If you’re looking for one of the best event management companies in Iran – a company that can bring you a top road show in Iran – contact us and we’ll show you why we are one of the best event management companies in Tehran.

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