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Planning the Brand Design to Start the Marketing and Advertising Campaign in

Zigma8 Promoted a German Brand with an Advertising Campaign in Iran

Promoting an advertising campaign in Iran for a European brand can become a challenge as audiences need to be convinced that the quality is intact and guaranteed. This was the case with Fuhlen’s advertising campaign. We needed a clear linear plan for marketers to follow. Identifying business goals, researching keywords, targeting audiences, creating media plans, TVC production, and other content leads us to raise brand awareness for and interest in Fuhlen products in Iran.                                                                                                                           

Fuhlen is a German company focusing on developing, manufacturing, and selling household devices and appliances. This company has been keeping innovation and seeking perfection worldwide. When the company decided to go public in Iran, it aimed to provide excellent quality and the best price for the customers. Therefore, when they contacted us at Zigma8 advertising agency, we decided to help promote the brand with a detailed marketing and advertising campaign in Iran. 

Planning the Brand Design to Start the Marketing and Advertising Campaign in Iran

Planning the Brand Design to Start the Marketing and Advertising Campaign in Iran 

Zigma8 considers an advertising strategy that was implemented across various mediums to effectively boost everything from brand awareness to sales within the Iranian targeted market. We believe there are plenty of things required to develop and execute an effective advertising campaign in Iran. This involves much more than creating basic ads. We start an advertising activity with a specific goal, properly targeting the use of the right mediums, and we try to keep it synergistic throughout. 

We started the Fuhlen marketing project in Iran with brand identity design as a part of the advertising campaign in Iran. We wanted to make the brand instantly recognizable to the customers. This way, they would associate with the products and services easily. We opt to build customer loyalty by giving them enough values to perceive the brand deeply. Zigma8 collected a thorough understanding of Fuhlen’s mission, values, personality, position, and voice. First, we designed a relatable logo with the brand’s name based on two impressive colors, red and white, which would shine on a black background. We combined the logo with a provocative and comforting message for the brand’s slogan, “Feel Lifey Perfection.” 

Arranging Brand Guidelines and Visual Elements to start the Marketing Campaign in Iran

Once we designed a solid architecture for Fuhlen, we aimed for the bigger idea, “Perfection Beyond the Price.” We wanted a great premium for the brand to cover every detail, which was a special part of our advertising campaign in Iran. Zigma8 created Fuhlen brand guidelines and photographed all the products to be published in a complete brochure describing them systematically. We wanted to give the audiences a trustworthy overview of the products and make them familiar with the product’s values in order to choose wisely. The brochure contained colorful, tempting, and practical images of how to use each device and how the result would turn out. 

Arranging Brand Guidelines and Visual Elements to start the Marketing Campaign in Iran

Showroom and Website Design in Iran

For the next step of our marketing and advertising activities, we decided to customize Fuhlen’s showroom as well as the website. The brand design allowed us to arrange a showroom to attract customers. We used eye-grabbing signboards, intriguing structures, and an attractive display of products, and at the same time, we tried to keep it simple to give a clear map and center audiences’ attention. Everything from interior surfaces to the lighting, furniture, and wall paint was in sync with the brand’s value. We stuck to the same rules and principles for the website design and development to create an accessible and responsive website that will take care of users’ needs in no time, and indeed, our next step was to develop a Farsi website for Fuhlen.

TVC Production; the Heart of the Advertising Campaign

We planned another strategic move to promote our advertising campaign in Iran, and that was TVC production. Honestly, TV commercials are among the most show-stopping and powerful of all the mediums in a marketing plan. People will remember their favorite ads even after the campaign ends, and we wanted that for Fuhlen. We decided to create the right TVC production for the brand as a multi-stage process to introduce the brand, products, and values in an effective, attention-grabbing TV ad. We portrayed Fuhlen products as the heart of the home, where the tranquility starts. We mixed and matched this desirable vision with the concept of family and the simplicity we seek in our daily life.  

As a result of our 360° advertising campaign in Iran, we encapsulated the brand’s essence and features within brand identity guidelines, product packaging, showroom/website design, TVC productions, and brochure design. Many companies think starting an advertising campaign in Iran means simply creating an ad. But in Zigma8, we believe it is necessary to be well organized from the beginning for an advertising campaign to yield the best result.

If you are considering an advertising campaign in Iran, we recommend you simply check out our services and exceptionally-done works to find what is best for you. Then, contact our specialists and let Zigma8 360° creative communications promote you with an effective strategic plan that fits your brand. We stand by your side every step to achieve the desired results, optimize the budgets, and access metrics related to the evolution of actions.

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