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Successful Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Campaign in Iran

How to Launch a Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Campaign in Iran?

Advertising for premium brands focuses on the happiness they inspire, the quality they offer, and the value they bring to the table. Therefore, the storyboard for these brands should make the target audience feel as though the product/service is the real manifestation of luxury.

Atlas Mall, a premium project in Niavaran, Tehran, Iran, decided to promote the building to raise pre-sale participation. It can be really challenging to offer a luxurious complex with higher prices than the normal range in a market filled with popular brands.

In such a situation, winning the attention of potential buyers requires brands to know how to leverage tactics to grow and market their offerings—Atlas Mall team connected with the Zigma8 creative communications agency to help them with the project. We were told to create an undeniable sense that Atlas Mall is an opulence incarnate, and if you manage to invest in it, you are a wealthy owner.

Advertising Campaign - Phase 1 - Teasing

Creating a Marketing Strategy in Iran to Introduce a High-end Brand

Honestly, Zigma8 was handpicked by the Atlas mall team as we are chefs in the works and have plenty of experience in how to market premium brands. Since we have our way of dealing with premium projects, we knew exactly what to offer.

The audience we wanted to reach with our marketing strategies in Iran were those looking to invest in chic and classy real estate projects. This idea was broken up into smaller categories to help us target the audiences in more focused segments. We found that our targets are people with a futuristic mindset who buy or pre-buy premium profitable properties. Knowing this allowed us to have diverse target groups and make the project more marketable. Therefore we needed a messaging architecture along with a real estate marketing and advertising plan in Iran to create that “dream big” story for the potential investors.

To reinforce Atlas Mall as the standard-bearer in high-end retail space, we created an incredible and highly detailed multi-phased advertising campaign in Iran.

Multi-phased Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Campaign In Iran

Multi-phased marketing is the process of utilizing online and offline marketing communication channels in different phases to target and engage with the customers. Our main goal was to deliver lead and sales targets for the Atlas Mall project. We considered both communications techniques and channels required to enable customer acquisition for the building through our comprehensive marketing plan in Iran. It enabled us to connect multiple channels into one thriving multi-phased real estate marketing and advertising plan in Iran.

At that time, the digital world was not as competitive and famous as today; therefore, we decided to maneuver on ATL and BTL advertising, including TVC, Billboard, Newspapers/Magazines, Airport LCDs, Lampposts, and Websites.

We start the Atlas Mall campaign built around a clear message stating the solution proposed and the audience’s action to reach the campaign goal. We wanted to capture the target audience’s attention with an easy-to-understand message in multiple phases to make them curious and then feed them the truth. Our content team evolved the campaign through the bigger idea of “Iran’s A1 Address”.

We all know that the hardest thing for a business to get from the market is attention. Atlas Mall had plenty of powerful competitors, which ruled the market at that time. We didn’t want to do the same thing those companies did because we were better. We proud ourselves to be a pioneer of styles and trends.  Since Attention needs nurturing curiosity, what Zigma8 had in mind was a significant new product launch that required more creative approaches.

Designing Teasing Advertising Billboards in Iran

Designing Teasing Advertising Billboards to Attract Buyers

Advertising Campaign – Phase 1 – Teasing

We decided to slowly and deliberately reveal what we had in mind to get prospects interested. Our powerful way to use traditional advertising as one of our several tactics was to conduct a teaser campaign. Phase one of the Atlas Mall projects contained a hint of want we wanted to say- not the whole story.

At the Zigma8 marketing and branding agency, we hid the message by teasing the name in plain sight. Atlas Malls starts with A in English and Alef in Persian (written like the character 1). We created an entirely black background containing incomplete messages (in white and gold) to portrait luxury and class. We combined the wordplay of A and 1 to expand the campaign with compelling keywords such as “a masterpiece,” “a dream,” “a treasure,” “a vision,” etc. to invoke a sense of curiosity for viewers to take a second look and think about the message behind the words. We wanted them to wander for a time until phase 2, which we would reveal where they could find such splendor. We covered billboards, lampposts, and newspaper advertising in this phase.

Advertising Campaign – Phase 2 – Reveal

To step up and start phase two of our multi-phased advertising campaign in Iran, we combined the hidden completing messages with the name of the project, Atlas Mall, and the bigger idea of the plan “Niavaran (District 1, North of Tehran, Capital of Iran) A address”. Now people would connect the dots (A masterpiece, Atlas Mall, A new address) and find that the messages are related to the name, and by seeing the billboards, lampposts, and newspaper advertising over and over, they become familiar with the idea behind the messages, which makes them ready for phase 3.

Advertising Campaign – Phase 3 – Call to Action

Finally, for the final phase of our advertising plan in Iran, we created advertising announcements covering major cities in Iran containing the company’s name, contact number, the investor, and the 3D design of the Atlas Mall complex to offer a complete and fully reliable message for those interested in the project from before. Through this process, we were able to build a message that resonates with the target audiences, leaves a lasting impression, initiates a vision or dream, and proposes an action by inviting them to invest in the Atlas Mall Complex. Our branding strategy fueled a short, engaging slogan that perfectly summarized the campaign goal.

Successful Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Campaign in Iran

The amazing thing about a detailed, professionally done multi-phased advertising campaign is that it will yield high. This is proven by the fact that Atlas Mall was able to drive pre-sales of up to 70% only through phase 2 of the plan. This means surpassing the competitors and achieving what many cannot. Zigma8 helped generate great interest both from the public and purchases of retail space and offered the foundations for the branding used after that.

Evidently, we ran a real estate marketing and advertising campaign based on demands for research, planning, time, and patience. Although many big competitors were playing in the field, we assured that the message would get to the right people at the right time. Those who teamed up with us on different projects know that Zigma8 has its own way of ensuring success, and that is, we take care of everything. Our projects are not only about planning, strategies, and messages; we are present through the entire steps of creating, designing, publishing, applying, and installing. We combine the power of traditional and digital media through an integrated marketing campaign in Iran to guarantee achievements. And this makes us incomparable.

Check out our Services and Works to learn about our skills and abilities. If you are about to market your services or products, our team at Zigma8 will help you create an STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) plan, advertise to capture potential user base, target based on income level or behavior types, and offer dynamic remarketing solutions to lure prospective buyers back. Contact us for more.

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