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ضرورت طراحی بسته‌بندی متفاوت در فرآیند برندسازی

Product Package Design in Iran

Supermarkets the world over carrying billions and billions of items in stock displayed before customers and demanding attention, detailing contents, and telling stories about the brands that provide them. This is an industry catering to consumers, made by manufacturers, delivered distributor, and delicately put together by design agencies and the likes.

Packaging design is in itself an industry made of millions of people from both small agencies to multinationals, all helping build brands. Zigma8 360º | Creative Communications, our branding, and advertising agency in Iran, is another example of a company focusing on delivering you world-class packaging design. In Iran’s virgin market, brands the world over are queuing up to enter and own a share of the market. Since the lifting of international sanctions, Iranian brands themselves in turn are now looking to enter international markets to deliver authentic locally made products. As one of Iran’s leading branding and advertising agencies, we help our clients with design, print production, and packing, getting results by adding up these 8 rules:

1. Clarity + simplicity

The best packaging designs must be able to answer the following questions in less than 4-seconds (the maximum time average consumer will dedicate to any particular product on the shelf): what’s this product for and what’s the brand behind it?

At Zigma8 Branding and Advertising Agency we often see packaging that often lists dozens of benefits while simultaneously not presenting a clear brand name. We also see packaging that looks great on the outside yet fails to explain what’s on the inside. Like any top packaging design company, we are only too aware of the success that can be achieved by closing the gap between these two. We understand that packaging design must be clear about the product, while also being clear about the brand.

2. Honesty + integrity

Beginners to packaging design – both client and designers alike – often strive to depict products in the most perfect way imaginable.

At Zigma8 we are like any top design agency, knowing well that by depicting a product ten times better than it actually is, you’re misleading and ultimately disappointing the consumer. This leads to poor sales performance and a bad brand image, especially in Iran’s consumer market.

3. Authenticity + distinction

Originality, character, and memorability are at the heart of great brands, as well as a great packaging design.

At Zigma8 we know all too well that packaging design must set your brand apart while being different and at the same time authentic. This is especially the case nowadays as people are faced with a myriad of brands, with a variety of looks and appeal.

4. Shelf impact + engagement

Imagine a supermarket where a product is never seen standing alone and never shown in any great detail. In this supermarket, products are arranged in columns and rows, and shoppers often explore within a certain viewing distance. It’s not until a certain package attracts our attention that we decide to take a closer look. This is what retailers call “shelf impact”.

At Zigma8, like other top design agencies in Iran, we know well the shelf impact can be responsible for huge differences in product sales.

5. Extensibility + continuity

A product packaging design concept must allow the easy introduction of a new line extension (referring to product variations) or sub-brand.

At Zigma8, we are like any great design agency in Iran, in that we know well that good packaging design allows for variations to be introduced without losing visual appeal. We avoid introducing problems by taking into account extensibility, doing so with a keen focus on the future possibilities of any given product. For us, this means creating a visually systematic design that allows for easy changes in the product visual or its information. In doing this we end up achieving a fine-looking family of products.

6. Practicality + functionality

Practicality is about the actual shape, size, and functionality of a product’s package.

At Zigma8, and as with any good design agency, we know well that the more practical the product’s package, the greater sales.

7. Educating + informing

If your product is not Apple iPhone or iPad – in which its customers are familiar with the product – an educational approach can be a sensible packaging solution. Not only are Apple’s products so familiar to consumers but they are available to toy with before purchasing the packaged item itself, further allowing for the package to take a certain uniforming look. In many other cases though, packaging must work as an educational advert, informing consumers about the product’s features or differences and attempt to sell based on them.

At Zigma8, like the greatest design agencies in Iran, we know well that people do not spend their hard-earned cash on the products that know little of simply due to the designer having smothered the front of a package with edgy artwork.

8. Fair + appropriate prices

The best packaging design agencies in Iran or around the world select materials that work with the brand’s concept, fit the design’s requirements and fall within the desired budget.

At Zigma8, like all good design agencies, we know that the individual price of each package must conform to a certain budget limitation. We also know that by choosing the best material for each package design we can achieve the best result within an appropriate budget.

In conclusion, it should be noted that packaging design agencies in Iran are faced great challenges when working with the facilities available for packaging production. Packaging designs and materials must compete with the best up-to-date and high-end production machines from around the world if products are to stand beside international equivalents. We at Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications have experience of production both inside and outside of Iran and have proved time and time again that we have the expertise to provide packaging solutions in Iran that add up.

We are recognized as a top Cosmetic Package Design Company on DesignRush

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