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8 steps by experience for a successful brand launch campaign

Brand Launch in Iran – 8 Steps of Digital Marketing Activities (TTL)

If you are planning to launch a new brand in Iran digitally, without a doubt you should make sure that the launch is done without mistakes. So, how can you draw the attention of the audience to a successful brand launch? 

Below are 8 steps by experience for a successful brand launch campaign in Iran.

Step 1: Specify a Launch Day – Tehran Timezone

You actually need to start with the end. After you decide to launch a new brand in Iran on the internet, it is necessary to start by deciding a date for your Launch Day. It is recommended to set this date for at least more than 3 months in the future. These 3 months give you enough time to get every single process lined up before flipping the switch on Launch Day. Consider the Iranian calendar is solar and it is different from the Christian (Western) calendar. So the holidays and occasions are more historical and religious and there are limitations and sensitivities to holding special events, celebrations, and ceremonies on these days.

Step 2: Make a Brand Launch Tmeline for Iran

From the Launch Day, plan all the steps that need to be taken for a full and exhaustive digital brand launch in Iran, reversely. Specify all the locations that you will indicate your brand, and plan when and how you will update them. This list has to include every single small item. Making a timeline in advance is a necessary way to prevent any possible mistake, communicate your brand message well enough in advance of any implementation, and provide your team with a comprehensive map of how to go about the brand launch in Iran. There is also every possibility that some items will be added over time in which you and your team must be flexible towards.

Step 3: Prepare the Brand Launch Messaging in Farsi

What is the story behind your brand? Your audience and prospects will be curious to know, and it is in your best interest to make it transparent and positive. While you might not think there’s a story to be told behind a brand, there always is one. Coin it, humanize it, and tell people about it. They’ll remember the brand and understand the philosophy behind it.

Step 4: Develop New Local Brand Assets

Before Launch Day, go through your website thoroughly and analyze your Farsi digital marketing hub, and identify what content you may need to edit and add to your digital assets that would carry the new branding well. These might include:

  • Calls-to-action
  • Farsi eBooks
  • Farsi Whitepapers
  • Farsi Tipsheets
  • Email templates
  • Landing pages
  • Farsi Articles

Step 5: Make an Explainer Page in Farsi

When you are launching a new brand in Iran, it is necessary to find the Farsi explainer page easily, so you need to include a link to it on your Farsi website homepage for Launch Day and keep it afterward. Consider adding value to the page for the audience, and include a conversion path. In case you are a marketing automation user and track conversions by this platform, you can create a new landing page and form so you can tell which conversions can be attributed to this explainer page. This will be so useful when you get to the reporting stage after your local launch.  

Step 6: Plan for Social Media  – Farsi

Before the brand launch in Iran, you should plan for your social media content creation and management. Instagram and LinkedIn are more popular apps in Iran than any other one. If you are already on social media, you will be able to introduce your new brand to your existing audience. You also need to check the platform’s strategy before deciding to create the content and posting them on your new Farsi brand profile. You can also run a Farsi press release on Launch Day and implement a PR plan on your social media channels to promote your brand launch in Iran.

Step 7: Set Up a Paid Advertising Campaign

It is a practical strategy to bid on your new brand for the first 6 months after your brand launch in Iran. Create a Farsi ad copy that acknowledges your name, and creates buzz around it. What we aim for is to make search users want to learn more about your company and feel positive about the brand from their first interaction with it. If any one of the users is going to Google typing in your company’s services or products in Farsi for Iranian audience, they should be able to easily find your Farsi website. 

Step 8: Set Goals & Make Reports

Before Launch Day, set some goals for your launch performance metrics. Set your ideal average views, and set a goal for impressions to reach 20% more than your average. You can do the same for your engagement rate. Knowing your audience size and average engagement rate will help you gauge if you reached your plan during your brand launch.

It is highly crucial to remember that only a digital brand launch would not end up in the best results, and for sure a brand launch in Iran needs many other complimentary ATL and BTL activities to cover the campaign. In this article, we just covered the digital part of the campaign. You can read more about ATL and BTL on our blog page.

Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, as one of the top branding agencies in Iran, has had successful digital and non-digital brand launches in Iran during recent years and is always eager to help companies to launch and promote their brands, services, and products.

Send us an email to discuss the best strategies for your brand launch in Iran.

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