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To attract your audience members on a deeper level through inbound marketing strategies in Iran, optimize all of this content with a Farsi SEO strategy

How to develop efficient inbound marketing strategies in Iran?

Iran has an awesome culture that varies from north to east and south to west of this enormous ancient country. Creating fascinating content which communicates the lifestyle of people and how they live in different locations and areas can be a great idea for inbound marketing strategies in Iran.

These strategies will help you effectively market to your target audience in Iran in an inbound way. Below, you’ll see there are specific strategies for each inbound method of attracting, engaging, and delighting Farsi-speaking consumers to keep your flywheel spinning and help your business grow better.     

Attracting strategies for inbound marketing in Iran should have the potential to attract your Farsi-speaking target audience and buyer personas tied to Farsi content creation and development. To reach your audience, start by creating and publishing Farsi content — such as blog articles, content offers, and social media — that provide value. Examples include guides on how to use your products, information about how your solution can solve their challenges, customer testimonials, and details about promotions or discounts.

To attract your audience members on a deeper level through inbound marketing strategies in Iran, optimize all of this content with a Farsi SEO strategy. A Farsi language strategy will require you to target specific Farsi keywords and phrases related to your products or services same as English, the challenges you solve for customers, and the ways you help target audience members. This will allow your Farsi content and information to organically appear on the search engine results page (SERP) for the Farsi-speaking people who are searching for this information.

Engaging strategies for inbound marketing in Iran assist you to ensure you’re communicating and dealing with leads and customers in a way that makes them want to build long-term relationships with you. When using these engagement strategies, inject information about the value your business will provide them with.

Specific engagement strategies may include how you handle and manage your inbound sales calls. Focus on how customer service representatives handle calls from interested Farsi-speaking people and prospects. Additionally, be sure you’re always solution selling rather than product selling. This will ensure all deals end in mutually beneficial agreements for customers and your business — meaning, you provide value for your right-fit customers in Iran.

Delighting strategies for inbound marketing in Iran ensure Iranian customers are happy, satisfied, and supported long after they make a purchase. These strategies involve your team members becoming advisors and experts who assist customers at any point in time in Farsi.

Incorporating thoughtful, well-timed chatbots and surveys to assist, support, and request feedback from customers is not a great way to delight these people. Bots and surveys should be shared at specific points in time throughout the customer’s journey to ensure they make sense and are of value, otherwise, the result would not be what we expect. For example, chatbots may help current customers set up a new technique or tactic you’ve started offering that they’d like to take advantage of in English but in Farsi, most of them are not working well. Additionally, a satisfaction survey may be sent out six months after customers have purchased your product or service to get their feedback and review ideas for improvement, keep in mind that Iranian customers are hungry for receiving world-class services in Iran.

Social media listening is another important strategy when it comes to delighting Iranian local customers. Social media followers may use one of your profiles to provide feedback, ask questions, or share their experience with your products or services. Respond to these interactions with Farsi information that helps, supports, and encourages followers — this shows you hear and care about them.

Lastly, the mark of an inbound strategy focused on delighting customers is one that assists and supports customers in any situation, whether or not your business gets any value out of it. Remember, a delighted customer becomes a brand advocate and promoter especially Iranian people, so handle all interactions, both big and small, with care.

We at Zigma8 have helped many local and international brands in their inbound activities and we are more than happy to help you with your 360 degrees inbound as well as outbound marketing activities as our next client.

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