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different types of marketing companies and agencies in Iran

8 Types of Marketing Agencies in Iran

If you have decided to run your company’s marketing, there are chances that you will be confused to choose what types of marketing agencies in Iran you must hire. There are several types of marketing agencies in Iran that are offering diverse services. Outside Iran, it is common that usually, an agency focuses on just one area, but some other marketing agencies may combine services that we call integrated marketing agencies. In reality, it has been proven that the most impressive marketing campaigns are those which have been planned and performed by only one integrated marketing agency in Iran, not many marketing agencies with different specialties.  

Now we will explain a bit about different types of marketing agencies in Iran focusing on their core specialty as below:

Digital/online marketing agency in Iran

This is where you can get consulting for your company’s digital existence. A digital marketing agency in Iran will assist you with your website design and development. Strategy and planning are the most important part of their job. An online marketing agency in Iran focuses on attracting more customers through your website.

PR agency (Public relations agency)

In short, the role of this kind of marketing agency in Iran is to keep your brand’s name very reputable and positive in the market and get the result and feedback of any campaign you run.

Branding agency in Iran

This kind of marketing agency in Iran helps you out in the initial steps of building your brand. They will study your company’s industry and its market, and with the result of that, they will give your company a name, logo, brand identity, and many more items that you need to run your business.

Social media agency

Nowadays, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have irrefutably the highest impression on the audience. An agency specializing in social media attracts more followers and users for your brand or company so that you will have a greater audience for your advertising, branding, and marketing content. 

Design agency

The main role of these agencies is to change any kind of content to visual material. What they do is not limited to logo designing. They will creatively implement designs for packaging or advertising. 

Media agency

In general, media agencies work with an advertising agency to make a plan for a specific or 360 degrees advertising campaign. What is crucial for them is to know the type of medium with its specific audience to help the ad agency and the client to create the BUZZ.

Production/Print agency

When it comes to POSMs and the print quality, you have to reach out to a skilled print agency to have what you desire. Whether it is a T-shirt, a cup, leaflets, or any similar material, you can rely on the services provided by these agencies.

Market research agency

These agencies does is provide you with data in the market by doing market research. They can either focus on your potential customers or your competitors.

And there are integrated marketing agencies in Iran like Zigma8 which provide you with 360 degrees marketing communications services. It is highly recommended that companies and brands start working with a marketing agency in Iran that can provide you with all the marketing services you need under one roof. Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications is there for you in Iran to help you stand out in the market and develop your brand. We are now ready to hear from you at our contact, or you can check out our services to see how we can stand beside you.

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