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reading this article is proof of how digital marketing in Qatar works.

Digital Marketing in Iran

”Why we say we’re the top digital marketing agency in Iran”

Welcome to this article! That you made it here and that you are reading this is most likely evidence of how digital marketing functions. You’ve maybe arrived here via a search engine or possibly through a social media platform, and in either case, we’ve carefully planned your arrival, so sit back, get comfortable and we’ll explain how it all happened and how, with our help, you can also do the same.

As you might have guessed, digital marketing is just that: marketing, but in the digital domain. The internet accounts for much of this practice for which commonly understood display advertising can be readily seen across the websites you regularly visit, but the developments in digital allow for a far more integrated approach. The information you provide across the internet alters your experience of it, and with it, the types of products and services you are exposed to. Take a search engine for example, when both you and I search “digital marketing in Iran”, the results we’ll see on different computers will likely differ. This happens because you and I have different histories of searches and certain information about us personally has been acknowledging elsewhere in places such as YouTube. With this in mind, top branding and advertising agencies such as ourselves look to target advertising – so both you and I would see the same pages but experience different content.

Another approach that top branding and advertising agencies in Iran like ours can take to appear before a certain target audience is to adjust the content in places where content can be controlled. So your website and social media areas contain information about your products and services, and how this is written can make a big difference as to how they are seen – we call this search engine optimization, or simply SEO. This article itself has been optimized, but you may not have noticed. This paragraph begins with the mention of “…top branding and advertising agencies in Iran…”, and the paragraph before that also mentioned this. So now that we have mentioned this three times so far on one page means that we’ll be ranked higher up in the search results should you type this into a search engine – which you might have actually done to arrive here. You might have alternatively typed one of these phrases to get here: “SEO service in Iran, website ranking in Iran, SMS advertising in Iran, social media in Iran, digital advertising in Iran. Either way, each of these relates and combines to help improve the SEO of this page.

If we at Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications feel that the competition for ranking is to much, we might want to pay to have you see this page, which would be called ‘pay-per-click’, or PPC. To do this we would use services such as AdWords by Goggle to bid among other agencies looking to grab your attention. If we bid a higher amount, we will appear above others on the paid-results appearing beside all the usual search results. Social media platforms such as Facebook work in a similar way but can sometimes be more effective due to the greater amount of personal details you provide them. Whereas Google can track and engage you with display ads across the sites you visit using their service AdSense, Facebook offers the ability for advertisers to continue the engagement through pages that users ‘like’.

Top marketing agencies in Iran such as Zigma8 – an agency that ranks highly on search engines – can additionally use a method known as influencer marketing. This would mean that we’d create content to be placed elsewhere that would work as inbound marketing. We could for example add this article on a website that provides tips and tricks about digital marketing – you would read it, get the sense that we have a good reputation because of the association, follow the link that we’d have there and there you go, you’re closer to finding the best branding and advertising agency in Iran.

To help retain your engagement we could partly show you this article and hide the rest until such a time that you subscribe. By doing this we gain an important link to you – your email address or even your mobile telephone number. With this we can send you content, or even test content using direct mailing tools. We could select a small part of our subscriber base and send two types of emails to see which specific content results in re-engagement more effectively. This is an approach known as A/B testing, which simply means that we’ll use the successful content – either A or B – for the rest of the subscriber base.

Digital domains change by the day and although brands in Iran are rushing to relatively new platforms such as Telegram – where channels, groups and bots offer new means in which to find and engage with audiences – this will alter. One thing that will not change is the specialism of top branding and advertising agencies in Iran… yes us! in being able to determine strategies and implement tactics for our clients. Although we are currently based in Iran, we continue to find and engage audiences with SEO content – in or outside of the country – both in Persian and English. Our expertise will not only save you time, money and effort, but will retain an important quality of communication. Without this quality, your audience might well shut the door on you due to the volume of noise that digital domains can inadvertently invite.

So, allow us to prove ourselves; we invite you to send us an email and we’ll reply with a personalized and specific response as to how we can help you get results based just on your company name. Just click here to get started!

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