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How to do a successful content marketing in Iran

Content Marketing in Iran; a vital digital marketing approach for brands

Content marketing in Iran was implemented in a very basic way many years ago, and now it is entering a new level. Undoubtedly, content has always been a critical part of marketing. Ever since social media was invented and became viral, the importance of content has been notably increased. When brands and companies aim to enter a new market and region, they set the goal for their brand to penetrate that market. In such a case, you need to adapt your brand to the culture of that country or region. Iran isn’t an exception in this regard. You need to adapt the brand content for marketing in Iran, including Farsi content creation in Iran and brand adaptation.

Content marketing should rely on a strategic marketing plan. There should be an idea for creating and distributing valuable, related, and reliable content to attract and keep a defined target audience with the goal of gaining profitable customer action. Let us explain more in details. We talk about content, we simply mean terms and imagery. Terms are the words that may be written or spoken, images can be with or without motion. Content marketing in Iran may look new, but it has, of course, left its footprints in marketing for many, many years.

It is proven that a useful format can assist you to attract new business. It will make new business in case it’s related to a potential customer who is looking for information about your product or service in Iran or the Farsi language. People nowadays know how to do their own research when they want to buy a piece of product. They start by asking friends and family for their opinion. They also require recommendations from colleagues and peers. A potential customer goes over 60% of the process in their decision-making path before contacting your business.

This is why content marketing in Iran is so important. Your audience reaches your content and will analyze it before they come to you directly. Do you want to know why it’s strategic? Well, it actually can only be efficient and successful if it is completely associated and united with your marketing strategy in Iran. Making and distributing the Farsi content is strategic, but the more important fact lies behind the reason you should produce a piece of content, and that content has to be strategic as well. What it has to contain is having a clear concentration on business goals. What you should do is to produce every single content with a clear thread running through it. That thread is your brand core, and it brings consistency in the eye of your target audience and it has to be fully aligned with your global marketing activity.

Actually, you can call content marketing in Iran the art of communicating and making strategic relations with Farsi-speaking customers and audiences without selling. If you only present your products or services, there are fewer chances you can make the audience buy them. Instead, if you deliver information that makes the buyer more intelligent, you will create extra value for your customer. If businesses produce consistent, relevant, and valuable information to potential customers, they will eventually reward any brand in Iran with their loyalty.

Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications content creation team is there for you, to create the content for your brand from scratch or to adapt your existing content to build trust and leave positive remarks in the mind of the audience in Iran. To have a conversation about your business, we would like to hear from you at our contact, or you can visit our services for your reference.

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