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نام‌گذاری برند، تنها یک مرحله از مراحل آغازین فرآیند برندسازی و برندینگ است


How does Zigma8 full service advertising agency create a brand name that gets results?

Alina Wheeler, in her book “Designing Brand Identity,” spells out that, “the right name is timeless, tireless, easy to say and remember; it stands for something and facilitates brand extensions. Its sound has rhythm. It looks great in the text and in the logo. A well-chosen name is an essential brand asset, as well as a 24/7 workhorse.”

At Zigma8 full-service advertising agency we understand that a brand name can determine the success of the products or services it refers to. This is why we take great care in creating a name that is not only timeless and tireless but gets results. To achieve this, we vigorously work through eight steps before presenting you with your brand name, no matter if it is local to Iran or international.

Here are the eight essential steps we take in developing an effective name for your brand.

We make it meaningful – communicating something about the essence of the brand.
Zigma8 full service advertising agency makes the name support the image that your company wishes to convey.
We devise something distinctive – by making it unique, easy to remember, pronounce, and spell.
Zigma8 full service advertising agency differentiates your brand name from the competition.
We ensure it’s future-oriented – so as to position the company for growth, change, and success.
Zigma8 full-service advertising agency makes the name sustainable so as to preserve the long-term effect.
We guarantee it’s protectable – that it can be owned and trademarked.
Zigma8 full service advertising agency avoids costly issues by making sure your name is protected from the start.
We insist it be positive – with positive connotations in the markets served.
Zigma8 full service advertising agency avoids any strong negative connotations.
We create something visual – so as to lend itself well to graphic use in a logo, and in brand architecture.
Zigma8 full-service advertising agency plans for the visual during the development process.
We ensure it’s available – as a domain name and across social media platforms.
Zigma8 full-service advertising agency covers all possibilities of usage with minimal conflicts with other companies.
We make it universal – testing its meaning in other languages and cultures. Zigma8 full-service advertising agency avoids issues that hamper growth in new markets.

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