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معماری برند در فرآیند برندینگ چه معنایی دارد؟


Ask any top branding agency, “What is brand architecture and how can it shape my company’s future?” and this is what they will tell you.

Brand architecture refers to the hierarchy of brands within a single company. It is the interrelationship of the parent company, subsidiary companies, products, and services, and should mirror the marketing strategy. To develop a successful brand architecture, it is important to bring consistency, visual and verbal order, thought, and intention to disparate elements.

In modern-day Iran markets are maturing and companies are rapidly introducing new brands to their portfolios. As each family of brands expands, the relationships between them begin to affect one another, potentially adding up to ineffective results. At Zigma8 creative marketing agency, not only do we work with you to develop your individual brands’ strategy, we try to create efficient and effective brand architecture and brand maps. This ensures that communications across your family of brands remain coherent, and detrimental effects are avoided.

Strategic questions to answer before developing a brand architecture by an advertising agency in Iran :

  • Who is the primary audience?
  • What is the equity in the existing corporate, subsidiary, and product/service brands?
  • What scale of marketing budget is available?
  • What are the benefits of leveraging the name of the parent company?
  • Does the positioning of our new entity require that we distance it from the parent?
  • Will co-branding confuse consumers?
  • Should we ensure that the parent company is always visible in a secondary position?
  • How do we brand this new acquisition?
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