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Experiential marketing strategy in Iran is known as engagement or live marketing

4 Key Elements of Activating Impactful Experiential Marketing in Iran

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy designed to engage consumers and encourage direct participation with a brand, its products, or services. These days, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, it has become the go-to strategy for many brands who want to stand out effectively and get noticed because people love meaningful experiences.

In this post, Zigma8 is going to elaborate on the increasing rates of experiential marketing in Iran and explain why it has become important. Keep reading if you want to know why experiential marketing is a must in Iran in 2022.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing strategy in Iran is known as engagement or live marketing, and it acts as a strong tool that urges consumers to participate in an activity organized by a brand. Rather than simply giving a message through advertising, experiential marketing aims to make consumers experience something more tangible in order to associate with it, like events, live interactions, or exhibitions. This way of marketing in Iran steers brand awareness and provides relevant information about a brand’s target audiences.

At its core, experiential marketing is about immersing consumers in live experiences. For instance, a social media marketing campaign in Iran can employ experiential marketing strategies such as product sampling, immersive experiences, stunts, and events to bring a brand to life and interact directly with the target audiences. Like any other part of the world, experiential marketing strategy in Iran is about humanizing a brand and creating experiences that leave people with positive, lasting, and close brand impressions.

Why Is Experiential Marketing Important in Iran?

Planning for the best experiential marketing solutions is the first step toward creating a memorable experience for customers in Iran. This way, a brand involves its target audiences in a series of fun, special and memorable activities. But why has it become a great factor in any marketing plan in Iran? Let’s list some of the great importance of experiential marketing in Iran. 

1. Brand Awareness in Iran

Iranian consumers are looking for brands’ unique stories, backgrounds, and visions. Experiential marketing in Iran gives brands the ability to engage customers widely in a unique way to keep them spreading the word to the crowd. With the increasing rates of using social media in Iran, brands need to help customers interact with their products and services to become the talk of the town. A cohesive marketing strategy in Iran can inspire a desire for posting on leading social media platforms in Iran like Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If a brand delivers what people are expecting, they will share their experiences on their social media accounts. Therefore, brands’ social media marketing presence will strengthen with no money.

2. Loyal Brand Relationships in Iran

Iranian customers are looking for more personal experiences, and experiential marketing is a brand’s chance to create long-lasting relationships. There are many competing businesses out there, and people effortlessly move from one to another. By showing that you value your customers, you can win their hearts, turn them into loyal customers, and increase sales. This can happen through an event, free samples, or providing them with firsthand information. Creating a loyal customer base is a practical way of implementing an experiential marketing strategy in Iran.

3. Business Analysis and Evaluation in Iran

Experiential marketing in Iran allows brands to interact with clients, especially during events. This way, businesses can track attendance to define their clients’ engagement. Knowledge and data are integral parts of any kind of marketing. This is why companies in Iran need to invest time and resources in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting consumer data. This data can be used to find a better way of reaching customers, identifying products that consumers like, and making critical company decisions. By using an experiential marketing strategy in Iran, brands can improve their overall marketing plan in the future to target larger audiences and refine their social media campaigns in Iran.

4. Creative Content Creation in Iran

Creative content becomes more and more important every day, and Iran’s market is no exception. Experiential marketing integrates with all aspects of a brand’s marketing and communications, particularly when it comes to content marketing strategies. Experiential marketing in Iran allows brands to create digital content from real experiences and share this content on social media channels, websites, and other branded materials in order to amplify their reach and stretch their revenue. Photos and videos are the most desired forms of creative content extrapolated from experiences, and Iranian consumers tend to share these through their Instagram stories, lives, tweets, and posts. Creative digital content builds relatable stories and missions.

Experiential Marketing and Social Media Marketing in Iran

As mentioned earlier, social media platforms are the new preferred way of marketing in Iran to reach clients on a personal level. Therefore, using social media marketing in Iran to your demographic can open new doors to make an interactive marketing plan in Iran. Social media marketing in Iran can be used as a great tool to leverage traffic and awareness events like branding and marketing initiatives, campaigns, etc., with catchy hashtags, encouraging user-generated content through giveaways, trivia contests, polls, teasing, offering codes, and so many additional benefits when attending the event.

Let’s review some of the celebrated Experiential Marketing in Iran by Zigma8’s creative team. The Global Synergy Forum 2017 was held and hosted in Tehran’s Milad Tower Conference Center, and Zigma8 was in charge of event branding, marketing, and live social media broadcasting in Iran, which sold out an event of 2000 seats within two weeks. Moreover, the Synergy project won a gold award in ACEF Global Customer Engagement Award (2020) in Experiential Marketing category for its unique creativity.

Also, Zigma8 designed and organized an Event Marketing in Iran for Kaveh Aluminum Can Company (2018) in order to introduce and launch their 2nd production line. We created a grand gala with the Big Production concept delivering world-class quality, accurate timing, and detailed execution. The event’s reputation drew the spotlight to Iran’s creative community as the Zigma8 project for KACC was granted the ACEF Global Customer Engagement Gold Award in Best Event and Promotion category for its pleasing effectiveness.

It is worth noticing that social media platforms in Iran are simple channels to link a brand’s mission to the content in a way consumers can feel, understand and access without sensing they are being advertised to.

Marketing in Iran, especially through social media campaigns based on experiences, can transform potential into reality and future customers into current customers. Experiential marketing in Iran can fulfill a brand’s aspirations as an industry leader, and the permanent effect is a meaningful understanding of what a brand does and will do for its customers.

Keep in mind that bringing attention to your brand is how people connect with and understand your story. In Zigma8 360° Creative Communications, we will help you bridge the gap of understanding into a cooperative conversation about what customers need and how you fill that need. Take a tour and go through our latest Works and Projects to have a grip on how professional marketing is in Iran.

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