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Creative marketing campaigns promote services and products through different kinds of media

An overview of a creative marketing campaign in Iran

Creative marketing campaigns in Iran promote services and products through different kinds of media, such as TV, radio, print and production, and online or digital platforms. Campaigns are not solely reliant on advertising and can include demonstrations, video conferencing, and other interactive techniques. Companies and brands operating in tightly competitive markets and franchisees can plan for many marketing campaigns in Iran and dedicate substantial resources to generating brand awareness and sales.

Marketing campaigns in Iran can be planned with distinctive goals in mind, which can be building a brand image, launching a new product or service, promoting sales of a product that is already on the market, or even more importantly, counteracting the effect of negative news. Kowing what to consider as a campaign’s goal usually decides how much marketing is needed and what types of media are most operative for achieving an explicit segment of the population.

A creative marketing campaign in Iran contains multiple components as described below that should be considered and measured to reach the best results.

Set Goals & KPIs

It is highly necessary to classify what the final goal of your marketing campaign in Iran is. You should calculate your campaign goal, and specify how you’ll measure this result so that you can be able to find out where you are on your plan. For instance, your online or digital Farsi content creation campaign can be measured by organic traffic. For example, each post can be set to drive 1,000 views per month and should end up with 10 new contacts, and you can measure these metrics in Google Analytics.

Media Channels

 In a creative marketing campaign in Iran, it is decidedly important to know where will your Farsi content and messaging be indicated and distributed. Imagine you’re running a social media marketing campaign in Iran, you should precisely prioritize growing the media channels most applicable to your audience and neglect those where you’re least likely to grow a loyal following. Instagram and Telegram are the 2 apps that are used more than any other social media apps in Iran where Facebook has lost its users and impression in Iran.


Maybe you don’t need a lot of budget for all of your marketing campaigns in Iran, but mainly, to have a successful marketing campaign in Iran, you need to allocate a considerable budget to it. Calculate agency, advertising, and Farsi content creation costs, if applicable, and consider these numbers into any ROI analysis for your marketing campaign in Iran.


Specify what type of Farsi content you need to create in order to promote your marketing campaign in Iran. What usually marketers do is including multiple Farsi content formats in a singular campaign. For instance, a branding campaign in Iran could include video ads, press releases, and guest blogs, OOH artworks, BTL, and ATL adaptation.

Skilled Team

Who are the people you’re planning to have the job done with? Before beginning your marketing campaign in Iran, be sure you have a team of people who advance in planning, briefing, and cooperating with your agency during the campaign.

Creative Design

Last but not least, a great creative marketing campaign in Iran has a remarkable design. Whether it’s an easy website design, a logo design or a disclaimer note at the end of a video commercial, or an interactive infographic, or a world-class artwork, you need to have a professional design that is fitting for the purpose of your marketing campaign in Iran.

Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, as one of the top international advertising and marketing agencies in Iran, is there to assist you to make creative marketing campaigns in Iran and can operate every single plan of the campaign from the strategy to the POSM material.

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