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What do advertising companies mean by talking about brand touchpoints, and how can you use touchpoints to help get exposure for your brand?

At Zigma8, a full-service agency, we aim to strategically create communications that determine a preferred relationship, resulting in zero difference between what both you and your customers say about your brand. For this to happen, points of interaction need to exist – points that we in the advertising and marketing industry define as touchpoints. With each touchpoint, there is the opportunity to create an impression about your brand, something that is referred to as a brand promise – “a promise that must be kept”.

Touchpoints can be numerous, but they are not all equal in value. For example, let’s look at two touchpoints within a channel that occasionally gets confused as a touchpoint itself – online. A hugely popular channel is Instagram – an app that is often used by businesses in Iran, including the best digital marketing companies, to provide touchpoints. In fact, we at Zigma8, a full-service marketing agency, continually use Instagram for our clients, with proven results. Depending on the type of business that uses it, and depending on how they use it, Instagram can often prove more valuable with respect to “return on investment” (ROI) than the company’s own website.

Yet even though some touchpoints are more valuable than others, it is important to get the right mix if we are to achieve zero difference between both what you and they say about your brand. To do this, we at Zigma8, a full-service marketing agency, strategically map the consumer decision journey (CDJ), working with you to invest across touchpoints, only where they add up. We do this by mapping touchpoints using a 360º view – a view that allows us to clearly integrate and implement creative communications solutions. Our process ends with us tailoring those touchpoints to your strategy and Big Idea. By aligning all touchpoints like this, we help you to keep your brand promise while taking out unnecessary expenses in our full-service advertising agency.

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