How strategic marketing in Iran helped immediately claim market share

We successfully introduce an international business using unconventional advertising in Iran


Not all books are judged by their covers, but which ones are, and why?

How advertising in Iran isn’t just about looking good

When we talk about a book being judged by its covers, we are, of course, referring to the idiom. This idiom can apply to many things, and branding is no exception. Brand identities are just one part of a complex communication mix, and depending on many factors, they can be essential in making or breaking businesses.

Developing a successful strategy for marketing in Iran

We recently were approached by a newly founded business that planned to enter the Iranian market — but from outside. This business not only wanted to sell in a sensitive area of the market but wanted to do so in a market where being new is not confidence-inspiring. To successfully position its products besides the well-established competitors, we needed a strong marketing strategy to stand a chance in the Iranian market. Our challenge, therefore, was two-fold. We would first need to develop a strong brand identity, but secondly, to base it on the established aesthetics of the market.


We implemented a strategy to ensure that our book would be judged by its cover, idiomatically speaking. Our brand identity creation involved developing an identity for what we call in the communications industry a house of brands. The result was that we created an identity for a business that owns many brands.


We successfully created the desired audience judgement for the look we created. The full suite of brand elements we developed covered all aspects of communications. The result was that our specific house-of-brands would both look and feel like a business with a long history in the market.

A successful marketing campaign in Iran

The results were far from the initial expectation of our client, who initially felt that looking and sounding boldly new in the market would benefit them. The rapid acceptance of this business in the market proved that we read the market well.