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8 نقاط حول أهم قوانين الإعلان في إيران

Legal insights on marketing and advertising laws in Iran

Iran, against the background of global sanctions and economic instability, continues to recover and grow at an exponential rate. Structural reforms and abolished sanctions are partly responsible for this revival, but the truth is, certain measures have also secured macroeconomic stability in Iran and reduced what was once a deeply concerning rate of inflation. So, if you are interested in conducting business in Iran, and need to know about the specific advertising laws in Iran, read on.

In short, Iran is now firmly on the right side of the tracks and increasingly recognized by policymakers and reputable institutions as a breeding ground for business opportunities in the Middle East. 

At the same time, when it comes to investing in Iran, businesses or entrepreneurs are often reluctant to move forward due to local laws and uncertainty in general. Iranian laws are not only rigid, but they also extend far and wide across the spectrum of business practice. In many cases, these laws can seem like a burden or threat to business when in reality, they are straightforward and require little more than experience to navigate without any issues.

That is to say, in order to do business in Iran, investors should seek to understand these laws and abide by them with transparency, honesty, and respect. At the same time, the easy way to bypass such worries is to consult a full-service agency in Iran that is likely to know all the minor details which can save a business time, money, and a great deal of stress.

Stringent laws and the power of a full-service agency Iran

As you might expect, the requirements of initiating business in Iran are different in every case, and some instances can be a lot more stringent than others. For example, if you intend to establish a branch or registered office of a brand in Iran, you will certainly need to have extensive knowledge of the laws and permission to set it up in the first place.

On the other hand, the Iranian government is known to protect the legal rights of foreign companies, licensed investors, and registered offices, so rest assured, there is nothing sinister or unfair about this intricate process. In most cases, a top macrom agency in Iran is there to smooth out this process and bypass the unnecessary issues which can sometimes get in the way. 

The importance of marketing and advertising in Iran

You may have gathered this already, but consultants are the solution to gaining legal marketing insights in Iran, although this will also apply to advertising once you get everything up and running. Instead of wasting time and taking risks, consultants are quick to bring businesses up to speed and remove any potential obstacles that might lie on the road ahead.

In case you might be asking yourself, we focus on marketing and advertising in Iran for a good reason. Simply put, this is the key factor when it comes to getting a product or service underway in this incredibly fast-moving market. Indeed, at a time when more than 16 million Iranians are on Instagram, and more than 50 million of the overall population are reachable online, advertising and marketing in Iran are crucial for success and building a brand in Iran worth all the efforts.

However, there is also the legal responsibility we have mentioned previously, for every business is required to abide by a lineup of legislation from various organizations. For example, the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and the Ministry of Commerce have an alternate set of rules or criteria to which these businesses must adhere. Whether the business in question is active with billboards, internet advertising, social media, or TV Commercials; these laws are likely to have an impact on proceedings.

In this sense, businesses need to be stringent in return and seek to perfect every aspect of the marketing and advertising in Iran, from labeling products and posting adverts online to conducting email and telemarketing campaigns.

Once again, this is precisely where a top advertising agency in Iran can be of benefit and familiarize new businesses with the landscape in any market. In some instances, it must also be known that the government works tirelessly to prevent imports for national production so these consultants can also aide the search for a local partner which can nurture a production partnership and not as a commercial export only.

8 tips on most important media laws in Iran

Media, marketing, and advertising in Iran are expected to adhere to Islamic principles and civil codes. For this reason, there is a multitude of laws that can apply to new businesses and these relate to television or radio commercials, print, and even social media advertising Iran.

With this in mind, here are some of the most important laws which apply to all advertising and marketing in Iran:

  1. Atheistic publications which are prejudiced toward Islamic code or the promotion of topics which are seen to damage any aspect of the Islamic Republic is strictly permitted.
  2. Any propaganda relating to obscene or forbidden religious acts is not permitted. Furthermore, indecent images or issues which violate public decency.
  3. Involvement with groups or individuals regarding any act against the interests, dignity or security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is forbidden.
  4. Insulting Islam or causing any offence to the leader of the revolution and related religious authorities is forbidden.
  5. Both men and women must comply with the Islamic hijab as outlined in the constitution of Iran.
  6. Products and services must be officially verified by recognized research centers in Iran before advertising of same. Further, advertising must comply fully with relevant advertising organizations and adhere to the provisions of the article of the regulations.
  7. E-commerce suppliers must provide correct, complete and transparent information about all products and services. Names of the benefiting person(s) or business must also be presented clearly to users in such a way that the user is educated sufficiently before sharing their personal information. 
  8. All the content which is going to appear on any media in Iran must get written permission from different organizations especially the Ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance.

As already mentioned, these are just some of the rules which govern marketing and advertising in Iran and the procedure for obtaining permits or confiding with laws is different in every scenario. Either way and as you can imagine, knowledge of this process is highly advantageous and the reasons why most organizations seek the assistance of a full-service agency in Iran.

Zigma8 and bridging the gap

As you can see, in spite of the immense potential, entering the market in Iran can be a somewhat complex process. While laws are there to protect the consumer and local economy, they can create pitfalls for newcomers and obstacles even for the most experienced professionals.

With this in mind, Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications is a full-service agency in Iran that offers a hassle-free solution to new businesses seeking to invest in Iran. Featuring a full range of marketing strategies and ample experience regarding Iranian law, Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications is perfectly positioned to help businesses establish products and services in this fast-emerging economy.

Indeed, while many businesses have a reasonable idea regarding how to approach advertising and marketing in Iran, the legal concept is usually the reason they feel so reluctant to move forward. 

And this is where the role of Zigma8 | 360º Creative Communications is crucial, for we bridge the gap and take away every hesitation.

Do you have any questions about marketing, advertising, or related law in Iran? Please get in touch and we can help you get your business ready to thrive.

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