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Marketing and advertising for a new FMCG brand in Iran

Deljin, a fruit juice brand that clearly creates desire


Following our award-winning success with the rebrand of Takdaneh, one of the leading fruit juice manufacturers in Iran, we receive a lot of attention. Beyond the praise, we received calls from various companies that looked to add a world-class touch to their brands. One such company was developing a brand that would compete in the beverages category, but with a unique twist.

Marketing essentials for an FMCG brand in the Iran market

This brand would provide specific fruit juices that contained basil seeds. At the time this brand, Deljin, would be the only one offering this twist, as twist that previously would only be a home-made drink. Our challenge was to first create a brand solution for Deljin to sparkle in the market, then devise a packaging and label solution that would best present this unique product.


Our strategy for the visual identity was to keep things clear. By keeping the identity of Deljin clear, we would allow the unique qualities of the product to sparkle. We began implementing this by creating a very simple logo, that used a visual splash to create a simple yet clear shape. This shape created the Persian character, “dal” — the first letter of the brand name. This in itself was depicted with a slight twist, to represent the twist that the contents of the product provide.

Illustrating the freshness with fruit juice in the Iran market

One important feature that we added to help with the strategy of clarity was to illustrate the origins of the content. By doing this we would be representing freshness, which also helping further clarify the contents of the products. We applied a consistent visual style across all the Deljin products and placed them clearly on the labeling to help both inform and entice.

Smart packaging solutions for the Iran market

The most important visual solution we applied was based on another understanding of the word clarity. We chose to let the unique contents of the product be clearly seen. This was achieved by simply using a glass container for the products. To help improve this clarity we reduced the labeling to an absolute minimum.


The beverage market of Iran has seen promising growth in recent years, which would prove both a threat and an opportunity for the Deljin brand. Companies competing in the market often have little product distinction, and therefore increasingly compete with branding techniques.

Marketing campaigns with measurable results in Iran

For Deljin we not only competed by implementing a comprehensive brand identity, but we competed with a marketing strategy that centered around the idea of clarity. Due to this approach, the Deljin brand was able to immediately enter a busy market and claim a comfortable market share through clarity in positioning. As a testament to our brand development and marketing strategy in Iran, the brand continues to enjoy its market share and is considered a pioneer in the beverage market.