From market research in Iran to marketing success in Iran

SELDA; Building a brand from scratch and immediately gain market-share in Iran


Clean, clear and comprehensible communications form the bases of good branding. As brands transition from communicating to customers, to also communicating to communities, messages must remain meaningful, beyond the intended audience.




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Creating a winning marketing strategy for the Iran market

Selda household cleaning products approached us with a multi-layered challenge that would test any multi-disciplined branding and advertising agency in Iran. We were to help them create a brand identity that would not only shine out in a competitive market, but would clearly stand out among the international competitors.


We often inform our clients that every experience of the brand, says something about the brand. For Selda to compete with the long-established international household cleaning products, we created those experiences, down to the molecular level.


Market research for a winning marketing strategy in Iran

We conducted deep research gathering customer perceptions and insights, while simultaneously analysing the market. The results guide would lead us to create a complete packaging experience. We created the container shapes, even determining their colours and textures. We created labelling, using a fresh logo in Latin and Persian script. We created a visual language for the labelling, using best practices while adding unique graphics to help at the point of purchase, as well as the point of use. We didn’t stop there though — we created POSM, BTL activity. To round it all off, we also created the transportation packaging.


From zero to hero — Selda entered the market shining brightly beside its competitors. Our comprehensive solution for Selda was able to shine above its competitors because of our comprehensive approach. Unlike many others local brands in the market, the Selda brand was created from the ground up.

From market research in Iran to marketing success in Iran

We incorporated marketing research to deliver a packaging and labelling solution that appealed to the target audience at every level of their decision making. Other brands in the market will adapt their brands to off-the-shelf items such as the containers, but we built it all from scratch. Doing this meant that the brand was able to compete both with the local competitors and international competitors due to the holistic look and feel.