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How brand identity can help increase results when marketing in Iran

We launched Ecoplanet’s e-commerce enterprise with a stellar advertising campaign in Iran


As of 2019, around 57% of the world were active internet users. In 2020 those internet users had roughly two billion websites available to them. By the time we get to 2021, e-commerce in the US alone expects to see a 111% increase compared to four years prior. Knowing this, one such e-commerce contender approached us to help claim a percentage of the growing online market.

Branding as a way to improve marketing and advertising activities in Iran

Ecoplanet trusted us with the challenge of providing for their brand development needs, to confidently compete in Iran’s growing online marketplace, and then beyond.


Our branding team at Zigma8 devised a long-term strategy that would grow with our client during the expected acceleration. They chose to create the master-branding that would prepare Ecoplanet for “Eco-everything”. To complement the strategy, our design team created core brand elements. These would be subtly adapted to business units as Ecoplanet introduced them. Besides this, our design team created the core brand-identity and guidelines, enabling future brand elements to be “on-brand”.

How design details integrate with advertising in Iran

Our design team also worked closely with the best UX/UI experts in Iran to provide solutions that would work with Persian (Farsi) fonts and layouts while remaining consistent with the Latin (English) requirements.


The result was a comprehensive brand identity that not only represents this fast-moving company today but can grow with it for tomorrow and beyond. We achieved this by creating a comprehensive brand identity in Iran. This identity will grow with them, but more importantly, it can grow without us.