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Brand development and redesign in Iran for the international car manufacturer, BAIC

Marketing and branding to help drive demand for your brand both in Iran and beyond borders


The Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., or BAIC, boasted the production of over 2.5m whole vehicles, just half a decade ago. Since then, the company decided to produce 100,000 vehicles through its recent Iranian venture. Such large-scale manufacturers, however require localization when entering new markets, and with this, need the expertise of branding and advertising agencies, such as ourselves.

Marketing an international brand in Iran

Our communications challenge would be quite straightforward, requiring us to provide BAIC’s brand development and design in Iran.


Our branding team expertly designed the essential brand elements to suit local sensitivities. Not only did they adapt the Latin logotype, but they also created a localized logotype to help communicate to our Persian-speaking audience. Zigma8’s Iran-based design studio followed-up by adapting the brand’s local sales-material, taking care of translations before laying-out the artwork for brochures.

Localizing brands for the Iran market

Brand development and design in Iran is only half the story though, without precision in production, the hard work is lost. By providing this additional service, we were able to help our client in achieving that all-important high-quality result. In addition to the print material, we helped BAIC in developing a localized website to host the adapted brand material. To help generate online leads, we made the site fully optimized, to help gain inbound traffic from search engines.


Successfully marketing a car manufacturer in Iran

Aside from providing BAIC with localized brand development and design solutions, we were able to help drive sales. Our brand solutions were able to assist the company in exceeding expectations for their two-year sales. The three vehicles that BAIC brought to the Iranian market achieved combined sales of over 20,000. More importantly, the company now have the materials in place to help them take it up a gear and achieve greater future sales.