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Creating impressive product labels in Dubai

Top 8 Elements of Label Design in Dubai

In this era and today’s saturated market, due to the extensive amounts of available products in the market, designing and producing packaging labels that attract the attention of consumers is actually being much more challenging and complicated. It is said that 70% of customers decide to buy a product or not, at the point of sale, therefore, producing high-quality labels, with an attractive design is vital for brands. Whether launching a brand-new product or only upgrading the appeal of existing packaging with redesigning, at Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, we always keep 8 important factors in thoughts when designing and printing product labels in Dubai.

1. Design and Production together

Creating impressive product labels in Dubai demands a deep understanding of the brand, its loyal customers as well as a sharp understanding of the paper market and stocks and inks offered in Dubai’s market.

At Zigma8, like any advertising firm in Dubai, our experts talk to the label printing businesses during the process of designing and consult with them to find all the achievable options. This allows our team to create labels that will become a very useful property for brands and also help much better sell the product.

2. Strengthen the Brand Identity

Brand identity will give you a plan and guideline for designing all labels, packaging, and brochure. Designing a brand identity not only will consist of the appeal of a company’s logo but also it will show what buyers would find out about both the brand and its specific products.

Considering the messages that should be sent to customers, would assist us to select what content, both in the text as well as imagery, should be printed on the label.

By considering the target audience demands and the target market, our design team at Zigma8 work exactly like the top design companies in Dubai, providing the right content related to a specific segment of the population.  

3. Select the Right Materials

Right after the brand identity is determined, you should select the products and materials that will certainly go on to become the foundation of the labels. Aside from what is going to be printed on each label, the appeal of the tags on their own is going to additionally possess an influence on consumers buying decision – if the labels tear or smear conveniently during delivery, your product’s presentation will certainly be damaged, hence affecting buyers’ perception of your brand.

At Zigma8, similar to the most effective design firms in Dubai, we opt for the greatest material from the ideal available resources for printing as well as production in Dubai. Our team also supervises the entire procedure, assuring our customers that your branding in Dubai and brand identity will remain constant during the whole process of print and production even for each specific product of the brand.

4. Consider the Value of Color

We at Zigma8 | 360° Creative Communications, as is the case with the best brand design firms, endeavor to discover out if our company is utilizing the most effective shades for designing a label or whether our company needs to use an entirely unalike color scheme. After that our experts by considering the limitations of printing, start designing the labels while being conscious about the print and production costs in Dubai’s market.

5. Make Text Clear and Readable

Clearness and also readability is very significant during the label design. Legibility of Arabic fonts can often be tough and challenging – stabilizing the appeal of the fonts and type while sustaining its readability may often be actually the most intricate part for a branding and design firm in Dubai like ourselves work with.

At Zigma8 brand design firm in Dubai, we possess the experience and skills to make certain quality as well as legibility along with your label design, without forgetting to draw the audience’s attention to your products.

6. Make it Extendible

A product’s packaging style concept has to permit to introduce the brand-new product line extensions (products variation) or even sub-brands.

At Zigma8, just like any leading design firm in Dubai, we understand how a wonderful product packaging design permits for the intro of variant products without losing visual congruity and allure. We guarantee that our experts avoid dealing with complications later through future-proofing our label designs from the beginning. Our team does this by creating creatively step-by-step concepts that allow simple improvements in the product’s aesthetic or even info, causing great-looking loved ones of products from the launch and continuing by the years.

7. Be Clear and Simple

Product label designs must quickly respond to these concerns in less than 4 secs (maximum time the buyer spends on each product on the shelf): what’s this product for as well as what’s the company behind it?

At Zigma8, as is the case with most of the top graphic and design services and solutions in Dubai, our company believes that label designs need to certainly not only have to be clear regarding the product but has to be crystal clear regarding the company.

8. Create a Fair Rate

It is actually the top organizations that produce label by choosing products, materials, and also the techniques for print and production that works with the concept, are suitable for the design needs, and also fall within an intended budget.

At Zigma8, as holds true with best design firms in Dubai, we understand properly that the price of each label must drop within a specific spending plan limitation. We know that by selecting the most ideal material and ingredients for each and every label our company would certainly get the most effective end result within the necessary finances.

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