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Marketing firms such as Zigma8 comprehend the value of lining up such activities on Instagram with advertising campaigns in Oman

Advertising on Instagram in Muscat, Oman

How to advertise on Instagram in Oman while designing a brand

In many ways, Instagram is a digital storefront window – a place where we show our lives more beautifully and display our business very well. What started as a really simple social media network has now grown and by its additional features and promotional tools, helps organizations and brands to promote their products and services. By maintaining this simplicity, Instagram in Oman has actually strengthened both brands and their followers (customers), by granting official status to brands’ pages and also permitting followers the capability of swiftly and privately connecting with them. As both big companies, as well as small businesses in Oman, become Instagram members to promote and advertise their products and services, presenting their Instagram page and posts and also absorbing followers is not as easy as they think. Let us assist you and clarify how brands in Oman can become more successful on social media networks like Instagram.

In 2012 Facebook realized the popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day and only after two years of activity, the social media giant -Facebook- purchased it with $1 billion cash and stock. After one year, Instagram took pleasure in 23% growth whereas its new parent firm just saw 3% growth during the same duration.  Go a few years ahead, now Instagram is proud of its 1 billion users ​that gather over 4.2 billion likes each day.

Among the social media networks, Instagram is certainly a crucial part of any brand’s interactions, advertising, and digital marketing approaches currently utilized by over a 25million brand accounts. Numerous brands that we at Zigma8 digital marketing agency cooperate with are aware that social media has tremendous power in attracting audiences and customers. But many of them do not know that attracting and increasing followers on Instagram is not as easy as just posting different images and videos.

Just the top marketing firms in Oman, such as Zigma8, cooperate with their clients and design social media marketing strategies for them, before starting to post on Instagram.

Marketing firms such as Zigma8 comprehend the value of lining up such activities on Instagram with advertising campaigns in Oman, public relations as well as other online and offline advertising methods. We establish social media marketing strategies by making groundwork such as visual and verbal basics. These are typically customized visual graphics such as layouts, as well as copywriting rules – all of which are thoroughly curated to be matched with the brand identity guidelines.

With this method, we have assisted several brand names in Oman to move forward with the help of social media advertising and become more successful day by day. If you want to know how we can help you with Instagram marketing in Oman and what attractive plans and strategies we have for you, simply call us for consultation and negotiation.

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