How our out-of-home advertising campaign invited an Iranian audience to Brazil

The importance of billboard advertising in Iran


Audiences don’t get bigger than those of a Football World Cup and as all eyes face in one direction, Aparat – sometimes known as Iran’s YouTube – wanted to seize the opportunity to let their audience know that there’s another way of looking at the event.

Our challenge at Zigma8 full-service advertising agency was to feed on the football fever and communicate the advantage Aparat have over the conventional channels, the ability to see the little bit more – to see behind the scenes.


"Eyes on Brazil"


At Zigma8 creative agency we invited our audience to be in Brazil themselves and see things first-hand; “Aparat, my eyes in Brazil”. We used the commonly understood 2014 Football World Cup illustration style to attract the attention of our audience, showing them the shape of an eye with Aparat’s play button. With this we were able to highlight Aparat’s benefits – the abundance of first-hand footage not available through conventional channels in major cities of Iran.

SLOGAN: "Aparat, my eyes in Brazil"

"Aparat, my eyes in Brazil"


An out-of-home advertising campaign highlighting Aparat’s advantage in the theme of the 2014 Brazil World Cup in Iran.
Results, achieved by adding these media: billboard advertising and lamppost advertising in major cities of Iran.