Communication Problem

When bringing a taste of France to a foreign land, one must truly cook something up to meet high expectations. For example, in the UAE (where the brand was to be launched), there is a great appreciation of all things French and this familiarity would make our challenge with the French bakery, La Brioche, all the more difficult.

Our challenge was to develop the ingredients and recipe for creating a coherent and consistent brand identity that epitomizes a French bakery as is understood by locals to the UAE.

Logo Dimentions

Color Pallet

Typography System

Communication Solution


"Fresh, friendly, but unmistakably French"

We created a recipe book that the French would certainly be proud of and brought the ingredients for the UAE locals to mix as needed. We made it so that every variety of logo, package or branded item can be baked up, yet always offer a genuine taste of France. In plain English, we developed and created the brand elements to deliver a feeling of France at every touchpoint.


Phase 1: "French, Fresh, Friendly"

Master Logo

Horizontal Logo

Communication Results

A taste of France with every element in a brand identity guideline booklet created to compliment the French tasting bread of La Brioche.

Results, achieved by adding these media and services: Brand identity guideline booklet, logo, slogan, and packaging