One might say that in Iran, Germany itself is a brand and that any brand or product related to the nation fall as a sub-brand. This umbrella brand of Germany implies a sense of unrivaled quality in manufacturing, and for that a premium is expected to be paid. With Fühlen, you can have the best of both worlds.

With this in mind, our challenge was to convince our audience that premium German quality can in fact be bought without having to pay the perceived premium.


Like the Germans, we engineered something of great premium and also like them, we left no detail unrefined. We shaped the brand and then shaped every element within, going as far as photographing every last product and then setting them neatly in a complete brochure built on the brand identity guidelines – also made by us.


The brand essence and their elements, all encapsulated in the brand identity guidelines and resulting in point-of-sales material and a whole lot more.

Results, achieved by adding these media: Television commercials, brand identity guidelines, slogan, brochures, website, product packaging, and showroom design.

Arranging Brand Guidelines and Visual Elements to start the Marketing Campaign in Iran