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Takdaneh package design and farsi type design


Takdaneh (Packaging Design)


Takdaneh is one of Iran’s leading fruit juice manufacturer, but have struggled to maintain their position in an expanding market. With Iran’s rapidly expanding market and the company’s expanding exports – both to the Middle East and Europe – the company had also expanded its product range. As a result of these changes, Takdaneh were beginning to see a fragmentation of their brand identity, something that they felt was contributing to them losing their position in the market. Our challenge was to build on the brand’s heritage of crisp, clean visual communication and develop a world-class fresh new packaging identity to present a bold and unified presence on the shelves of Iran and beyond.
Takdaneh Zigma8 one 


We chose to return to the clear canvas look that once defined Takdaneh, creating a harmonious suite of clean and crisp consistent packaging designs, each with sharp, hyper-real illustrations. The custom-made, world-class illustrations appear differently on either side of the packages, appealing to both the emotional and logical expectations of customers.
Takdaneh Zigma8 two
We complimented the visual clarity by reengineering the packaging information to quickly and clearly define the product category, using universally understood icons and simple language, both in Persian and English. We also made a point to integrate a Persian logotype with Persian typography on each package, while also adding the corresponding English typeset on the reverse side.
Takdaneh Zigma8 two
We strategically opted to make one clear category distinction for the brand’s ‘health & fitness’ customers, choosing to reverse the background colour to black. By doing this we aimed to appeal to customers with a more serious approach to the products they consume.
Takdaneh Zigma8 three
For us to ensure top quality final results, we insisted on close collaboration between Takdaneh, suppliers such as Tetra Pak and our own team. This successful involvement and integration across teams helped ensure that high standards remained across all stages of packaging production, meaning that Takdaneh’s customers experience nothing but perfect results.


For us at Zigma8 Branding and Advertising Agency the result was a big win, quite literally. Takdaneh established the packaging design project as a competition among the leading agencies in Iran and we came out top. For Takdaneh’s customers the result is a clear, consistent and crisp suite of packages to comfortably choose between. We are sure that with this fresh, new, world-class identity Takdaneh can only expect to regain their market position, but hopefully exceed it – reestablishing themselves as pioneers in fruit-juice manufacturing. DESIGN CRUSH has featured ZIGMA8 as Top Food Package Design Agency in the Middle east for the Takdaneh Package redesign.
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