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OPPLE Brand Showroom Design in Iran


OPPLE Lighting Brand Showroom Design in Iran


OPPLE is a leading lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai, China that has not only enjoyed growth domestically but has expanded to provide sales and services in over 50-countries worldwide.
Iran, with its rapidly growing society and demand for construction, is itself seeing big growth in the lighting industry — something that OPPLE, alongside its exclusive local partner Sepehr Monavar Group, wanted to take advantage of.
Lighting retailers in Iran though are small general-purpose electrical shops that sell a wide variety of products, so our challenge would be to create branded spaces that can not only be easily installed but also help OPPLE shine in the market.
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We brought two complementary lighting brands together — OPPLE and EDC — allowing retail spaces to cover most product categories under one roof.
Both OPPLE and EDC are sub-brands of Sepehr Monavar Group so we designed and developed a showroom design guideline to help the group and its supplier create coherent branded spaces. The guideline was created in such a way that small 2-square metre spaces or larger 300-square metre spaces can both be developed with a consistent branded feel when displaying products.
Maintaining and replenishing products in showrooms was another challenge the company faced, something that we solved by developing different sized display pallets that can quickly and easily be replaced.
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With the introduction of 10 branded showrooms in major cities across Iran, both OPPLE and EDC can now been seen in a new light. With these newly branded spaces Sepehr Monavar Group have also seen promising increases in sales and market share brought about by this increase in brand value.
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