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Brand identity design and Marketing kit in Iran


Sepeh Monavar (Branding)


Due to energy efficiency, LED systems are fast becoming the future of lighting, and nobody knows this better than Sepehr Monavar Group, Iran. The increased demand for such technology in Iran has led to an increase in the company’s staff, which in turn has led to an increased need to coherently correlate communications.
Our challenge was to provide the tools to allow Sepehr Monavar Group to shed light on it’s growing operations while also giving them the means to get their name out and really light up the place.
To help with this, the Sepehr Monavar Group first needed to establish a strategic brand architecture that would align its various sub-brands so as to allow for maximum market-share in each segment. The group represents many international brands such as Osram, BLV (both German) and Opple (Chinese-European) as well as its very own high-end local brand EDC and each of these would need specific positioning for the Iranian audience.
After establishing this our ultimate challenge would be to preserve Sepehr Monavar Group as the master-brand while supporting its sub-brands with coherent integrated communications.


Having successfully established the strategic brand architecture and having developed the necessary communications tools we went on to put the spotlight on several touchpoints across the brands. We’d arranged for these to be available and integrated for an important upcoming trade exhibition. For this occasion we decided to create a light show of sorts – using the moment to prepare a multitude of short videos to both be used during the exhibition and across many places thereafter. For the exhibition we chose to use the corresponding theme of ‘innovative technologies’ by integrating one of our own innovations within the group’s stationary and gift items – a QR code that links to both branded items and tools.
Event Creative Platform: “A smile that lights up the room”
Group slogan: “Lights ’n’ smiles guaranteed”


Our work with Sepehr Monavar Group was awarded second prize for Brand Design in the Iranian National Advertising Festival 2017.
Aside from our success with the award we were proud to be able to present a glowing example of an integrated below-the-line campaign with accompanying branded tools for the trade exhibition. We achieved these results by creating exhibition stands, content and product videos and exhibition material, visual brand guideline.
Design corporate brand identity for Sepehr Monavar Group included: stationery suite, logo design, Persian language logotype design, Persian type-set, social media templates for Iran, Telegram Messenger content templates for Iran, Instagram content template for Iran and Persian language website SEO.