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How a brand’s promise can be broken in print and why we as a full service advertising agency in Iran, insist on production from “A-Z”?

At Zigma8 full service advertising agency, we believe that customers remember their experience with your brand, maybe more so than its logo and layout. At the moment a touchpoint becomes a point that is touched, the audience will evaluate your brand’s promise – any irregularities at that point can break that promise.Those irregularities were obviously not designed in, but rather pick-up along the production journey and although you may have come to forgive the limitations of say Iran’s print house limitations, it’s paper stock short-fall, the inadequate storage facilities, and and, and… your audience wasn’t there, didn’t see it, and isn’t so forgiving.

We’ve been there as your full service advertising agency in Iran, we’ve seen problems like that, and we have made sure they never happened again. When conceiving your brand identity, we do so with an understanding of the particular production journey – carefully considering all variables before the consumer sees a finished product. At Zigma8 full service advertising agency, we do this by designing with a view from A-Z, whereby at point A we create with full knowledge of point Z. This means that we design with great diligence, ensuring that colors can remain consistent, that paper will feel ever-familiar and that combinations of printed touchpoints will look and feel harmonious.

More importantly, though, as we get to Z we ensure that we are there beside the printers at the point of production. This proves invaluable and is a price well worth paying – you might reluctantly be able to afford a reprint should this step be missed out, but you cannot afford the loss of time.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this type of reverse engineering restricts your brand’s expression – on the contrary! Our deep knowledge and wide-ranging expertise as a full service advertising agency in Iran allows us to both foresee and deliver exquisite touchpoints that add up to unequalled experiences for your audience. So unequalled in fact, that our efforts recently saw us awarded with a Simorgh Print Award by Iran’s Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance for excellence in print with respect to our Borjeman branding touchpoints.

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