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Client: Atlas Mall

A multi-phased advertising campaign in Iran that generate great interest both from the public and purchases of retail space which helped result in pre-sales of up to 70% – something few competitors have been able to achieve.
On top of this at zigma8 advertising agency we established the foundations for the branding and communications used there after.


Client: Borjeman

The brand essence and identity for Borjeman with an accompanying advertising campaign for its launch in Iran.
Aside from those great results, the printed material we’d created for the project was the winner of the Simorgh Print Award 2015, gifted by Iran’s Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance for excellence in print at zigma8 advertising agency in Iran.


Client: Agri Bank (Keshavarz)

A rebrand and introduction advertising campaign that repositioned Agri Bank of Iran as a modern yet widely networked national bank.
The electronic leaf key-visual – itself having become synonymous with Agri Bank of Iran– continues to represent the bank as the pioneer of electronic banking and sits beside the bank’s logo on nearly all touchpoints.


Client: FÜhlen

The brand essence and their elements, all encapsulated in the brand identity guidelines and resulting in point-of-sales material and a whole lot more in our advertising campaign in Iran.



A glowing example of an integrated below-the-line advertising campaign with accompanying branded tools, aimed at both helping represent and continue the growth of the brand in Iran with full services of zigma8 advertsing agency.


Client: Berttonix

Our challenge was to highlight and demonstrate the difference with Bertronix shoes. An advertising campaign in Iran consisting of a highly active 3D animation which produced in zigma8 full service advertising agency.